Gaul Wars T-Shirts and Tumbler Designs

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AI systems are developing so fast that it is not an exaggeration to say that Terminator is growing under our hands. For young people like me, staying updated with all modern technology may be crucial if one wants to be relevant. And I really enjoy using creative tools in coding & graphics.

Note: The actual background is transparent

Gallic Wars lasted from 58 BCE to 50 BCE. Julius Caesar would seize many territories in today's France and subdue most of the Gallic tribes in the area.

Note: The actual background is transparent

I need some feedback on the other design. Since it came with a very difficult-to-cut background, I am not sure if I did an excellent job in polishing it and if it is worth putting out for sale. Midjourney output is below.

Original (1).png

And those Tumblers have two different topics. Minecraft and Cannabis. That should be pretty self-explanatory, so I will share them all in one go without further comment.

Mockup 20 Oz-art-scale-0_50x.png

Mockup 20 Oz.png

Mockup 20 Oz.png

Mockup B.png

Mockup A.png

Outside of my usual suite of Photoshop, Midjourney, Topaz DeNoise, and Topaz Gigapixel, I also used Topaz Mask for both of the Gaul Wars T-shirts. It is a useful tool to eliminate background based on Translucent or Constrastual filters.
However, it may be considered overpriced for what it does, unless you work with real photographs, for which its AI filter works considerably better.

Anyway, please share your feedback, especially on the Caesar t-shirt designs (for black background).

Before someone comments that, I am fully aware that Caesar wasn't technically an emperor. But it's just technicality and in reality, he may have been as powerful as many actual emperors - if not more.

Thanks for reading!


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