My First AI Book Cover "In the Shackles of Elves: Spark That Devoured Forests"

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The room in the title is a little limited, so I would like to clarify: this book doesn't exist. I am not good with words & am not willing to spend time and get better at this time. Instead, I plan to submit my creation to the competition on Kittl.

Kittl is a platform that supercharges the designing process of T-shirts, posters, calendars, etc. with super modern technologies and a bank of freely usable art that comes from the competitions exactly like this.

This being said, I did think through the story. I may change the title to fit with the actual cover design later on since that is the point. So I was creating this with a certain idea and I will let you guess what that may have been in the comments.

The title and the pictures shall be your guide, albeit I am pretty sure the title will need to be reworked to fit the cover...

So far, I have bottom layers, the pictures I may choose to work with...











I will narrow down/combine the styles I like most tomorrow. As usual, I will experiment, what you have just browsed is a selection from over 100 different tried prompts for this.

Assuming I stick at least somewhat to my original title, I would overlay chains on top of it and add a key character or an emblem in the middle.

For those seeing my posts for the first time, I use Midjourney and Topaz in these stages, whereas ChatGPT is often used in writing prompt templates to some extent.

Which one is your favorite?

What might the story be about?