New T-Shirts Featuring Punic Wars and Midjourney Tequila Brand

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I worked on new designs for T-shirts inspired by Punic Wars - using Midjourney AI, enhancing with Topaz, and Photoshop Beta with its newly added AI of its own.

Phants (6)--tshirt.png

This piece is from the Carthaginian point of view. Although ChatGPT could translate for me to Punic, I decided to go with black speech instead. I imagine this could be a great gift to a historian, who may not recognize the writing either - until someone alerts him to the reality.

The quote is: "May the gods spit upon the Roman vermin!"

Legionnaire (2)-standard-width-4200px-Recovered--complete.png

Cato the Elder, also known as Cato the Censor, was an influential figure in ancient Rome during the 2nd century BC. He became known for his persistent repetition of the phrase "Carthago delenda est" to remind of the threat posed to the Roman Republic by Carthage.

Please note, that the background is transparent in the actual picture, but due to size, it was whitened to save up space

The third piece is from before the first Punic war began. Read this summary of the political situation written by ChatGPT

During the 3rd century BC, the powerful Greek city-state of Syracuse found itself embroiled in a conflict between two rival factions. Hiero II, the tyrant of Syracuse, sought support against the Mamertines, a group of mercenaries, and turned to Rome for assistance. However, before Rome could provide a response, the Carthaginians launched an audacious assault on Syracuse, aiming to extend their influence over the island of Sicily. This brazen act of aggression against a potential ally of Rome sparked outrage within the Roman Republic and compelled them to intervene in the conflict, ultimately leading to the initiation of the First Punic War.

Rebel Reserve Done.png

And this is my Tequila brand I need your feedback on. I don't like it, but I can't say why. Any ideas?

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I quite like the tequila one, only thing I would change is the skull looks a bit crosseyed :D

The real logo should probably be symmetric.
Nevertheless, you could say that this design represents how a drunk person sees the world >:)