Ascension | Digital Painting



I guess before you'll be able to see the light, you must face the darkness first.

Experimenting with colors here! My main goal was to discover new color combinations that I might like and use in my future works. Applying what I have also learned from the art school with color theory and stuff. I obviously have forgotten about most of them now and have to re-study it again as colors are also one of the biggest challenges you'll face when painting. And yeah I know I'm not that strong when it comes to using colors.

I like the result though.

Little bit about the process:


This part was interesting. I never planned those three layers of head underneath and I just discovered it looks nice. That's also how I thought of the title. :p


I did that scene inside the oven but realized it may need more orange than blue, so I chose the desert instead.




Thanks to digital, I can change colors very easily.


I even tried changing the background completely to a warm color but I think it just doesn't work. Maybe next time. :p


I think it's a masterpiece 🔥

Thank you Barbara! This piece is rather special but I didn't expect many would like it. 🤣

Very trippy! You certainly have a creative mind! So unique

Very cool piece! I still haven't managed to find enough time to learn how Krita works sometimes I accidentally get a nice outcome but for some reason I manage to mess up the function buttons every time I opened the program :) lol.. maybe I can dedicate some time for it next month. I love seeing these digital works from you and other artists :)

Lol messing up the function buttons, that's me (until now) using Photoshop 🤣 Hope you'll find more time soon. It's fun!

Lol, glad I'm not the only one, I think Krita looks very similar to photoshop and that was always very overwhelming when I looked at it. Now I'm determined to learn to use my tablet, but first things first. Still have the Gingerbread house to finish (it's half way done and already a huge post in draft) and some Christmas crafts as I want to have 25 before Christmas. Digital works will need to wait some weeks at least :)

I love your evolution in choice of colors. From dark and neutral colors before, you're now more into vibrant colors. Does it somehow reflects your state in life?

Hmm, not really. I mean subconsciously it means something but vibrant colors doesn't necessarily mean positive things. It just means more intense, whatever is portrayed in the painting. Haha. And I prefer my works to look more digital-ish now, rather than the traditional-ish.

I see. Interesting. Crypto artist na gyud. 😄

Beautiful art work, where there is darkness there is light also we just have to search in the right direction.

The colors are really cool. I love your art! :)

Thank you so much!

Pretty vibrant colours!

This is so creative and unique and I love everything about it. Nice one