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I Never Finish Anything

There are times that when we get overwhelmed with expectations on ourselves, we become paralyzed. So perfectionist that we feel like we can't finish anything anymore, even simple tasks. It feels like the unfinished tasks are bigger than us.

There's a few sweets left waiting... But now, it's the one eating us.

Vyankka divider.png

This is a digital version of my oil painting one. I love the painting that I want to animate it as a gif. :D I don't actually like painting similar ones again, but this one is an exception. I painted this one from scratch, so it's not like a modified version or something.

I recorded the process of this one but I have to edit it cos the process was quite long since there are 4 figures and have many breaks in between.

This is going to be minted soon on Makersplace.


Beautiful, wow, the detail. I can't imagine the work you put in to actually paint each and every of the personalities on the plait and the fork and the cake and the fork and it's the first time I'm seeing something like this.

Yeah you're right, there are times we are eaten up by the clap back of our expectations and it takes away our strength, the theme was well covered on the painting.
The way is was in a gif made it even more better, it couldn't have been better. This one is so unique and resonates well

Haha yah I figured to make them more detailed than the original. I was in the mood to do it 🤣 Thank you so much! I'm glad the message is clear in the painting. :3

Yeah you're welcome, plus you're doing more paintings nowadays. Hopefully you can begin to take more pictures when the lockdown is finally lifted. Cheers lol. How's your super laptop? 🤣

Yeah I need to make more paintings to build my rep in cryptoart. It's quite overwhelming (that's why I play games in between lol). Oh yah my laptop is fine, it still has those restart issues but I was told it's Window's bugs and not cos of the laptop. It sucks but just have to wait for better updates. I enjoy using it with games and painting. So much ease! :D

This one reminds me again of the David Lynch short and your theme of a past theme of mine:

"Unfinished Stories"

I considered buying a domain with that name and publishing a book with that title ( with the idea that others / aspiring writers? ) could actually finish my stories as I seem to hop from one creative project to another before it's finished.

What is finished anyway in this digital age? ;<)

Nice one!

I felt this ... the frustration energy that overwhelms one at the point of just not being able to get things finished ... this is REALLY well done!

Awesome .... My work is always unfinished too.

Cool piece of artwork good job on this 👍

I love your creativity. Keep it up🖒

It is ok to feel like that some times, you can take a break there's no problem with that, and you know you can count on your friends, they will help you, especially me... I'll never miss an opportunity to eat cake =)

Yesss I know you're always there bro! <3 Lol yeah no one's gonna stop you from eating cake! :D

Hahaha nice ,creativity art🌺

Hahah later you say that it is me who has a crazy head painting things hahaha! I like this, my question is? Is it jelly? Food? Or remains of people? Yeeeeaaahhhh

Hahaha mine is not that crazy. Yours is so monstrous but beautiful :D Wahaha sorry it's supposed to be cake. 🤣 I remember someone said it looked like a brain (in the original painting) hahaha which I agree with.

Amazing art. Carry on. I love your art

Thank you so much!

wuao my dear hidde is a beautiful job I really like the positions of the girls, the painting looks excellent like all your work actually hahahahaha

You give me a piece of cake hidde hahahahaha 😆 💋

Hahaha thank you so much for the support always! Yah I will if only I can T_T

with you always wishing the best wishes and supporting you my dear hidde ..! KISSES