Puke that shit

For Collab.jpg

Work in progress by me.

Two months ago, an artist in the NFT world messaged me to ask if I wanted to collab with him. Having someone interested with having an art collaboration with me is a big honor and it is an exciting thing to do, so of course, I accepted the invitation.

I was having a break with making crypto art at that time to focus on some other things so I just started doing this now.

I don't know how collaborations work in NFTs (technical things) but he said I can send something as like a starting point then we can mix it along the way and make changes until we are satisfied. I decided I'll just start it so this is the first thing I sent him.

I'm excited on how he will transform it, pretty sure it will look cool AF. During this creation I'm already excited enough, so I'm looking forward to the next days til we can finish it.


Actually it looks great but waiting for the final situation of this digital art...

Have a nice day...

Thanks! Yeah I do like it already and am excited too :D

Haha that's literally what he said too! Think your minds are connected 😂 Thanks! :D

I am not accustomed to impressing myself with art but this means in my heart, the effect of your mouth is brutal

Thanks! I like that effect, something like intoxicated or something. Haha

Raw and intense as expected of you sis, I love this, Im screaming dude! You always put a smile in my face with your talent <3

Aaawwww haha thanks bro! You're always there to support whatever shit I do 😭

Hey, am coming back and you really changed the art you were making, maybe some, you still irreverent and really outside-of-the-box, congrats, glad you still here and keep sharing your art...

Hug Optimistic

Thanks! I do believe I change constantly with my art and that's the way I like it cos I get bored easily haha. Hey, glad you're back! Hopefully more active days from you from now on :D

This is cool af!

Thank you! :D

When we gonna see some art with Acid in it?👻

@acidyo not sure if he's talking about you or the other acid lol. If it's acidyo then not sure he'll like to show himself :D

Is there another Acid? Meh.
Shame. A Mew in your art style would look fine. 😉

 last month 

Cool, can't wait to see the final result!

Thanks! Me too, I'm excited :D

If the samples make speechless how the final work would make feel like!

Haha glad it made you speechless! Thanks for the tip and encouragement :D Means a lot to me ^-^

Uuuu another piece of art in your unique style..... Keep it up👍

Thank you!! :D

Welcome dear😊

Excellent creation dear you are unique, kisses ..!

Aws, thank you! :D

This is so cool! Definitely wouldn't mind seeing this on a tshirt or something

Thanks! I don't mind printing it on a shirt too haha