The Dauntless | A collab with @kittybast

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The Dauntless
Kitty Bast and squirterer
Digital Art

Tattoos are often created as a symbol for self-identity, overcoming pain, healing, taking the power back and survival.

In this work, a few examples of many phobias that exist are tattooed on the subject's skin. Anything that may have frightened you before now rests on your skin as a symbol for facing and overcoming them. They are no longer your fears, and they no longer have power over you. But rather, you have a power over them.

That makes you a Dauntless.

Yay! Another collab done! This time, with @kittybast!

She had invited me to do a collab sometime in August and I gladly accepted it of course! Her idea of a collab is really unique. She sends you a doll or a figure that will serve as the 'canvas' and you can tattoo whatever on her, or do other changes as well. It's really an amazing idea. She has done 4 tattoo collabs so far.

For our collab, I have decided to tattoo some examples of phobias cause as written above, tattoos can be a very powerful thing. I've never had a tattoo myself, or at least not yet. But I have heard from others that is what they feel when they tattoo something on their skin. I see tattoos as a meaningful thing.

The result was really good and I like it so much. :D

This one is minted for 1 edition on KnownOrigin.

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This girl is just leveling up and there's no sign of stopping!!!

Gorgeous!!! Ikaw na bes!!!! ;) <3

Haha thank you! I think the only way for us is to level up din naman!! :D

I like this very much. I would be curious to know more about the process of animating the collaborative artwork. I noticed failure was one of the tats. I don't think this collab is a failure... so you definitely empowered through that one. I can't speak for the fear of spiders though. j/s Dauntless... a great word. Easier said than done. =)

Thanks! To animate it, I drew the green scribble differently on 3 frames, then just set the GIF to loop and set it fast. :D

Thank you! I had a feeling that was how... but it's nice to get the trick of the trade from the artist direct. Keep up the AlienWorks! =)

I love this one! I would love a huge print of it on the wall above my bed! And I don't know why but when I first seen it, got me thinking about Cyberpunk. :D

Probably because of the hair! Haha I also thought the same when I started painting the hair XD. I'm not sure if we'll ever sell prints of this though but I'll let you know if we do!

Fantastic work!