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This is a digital version of my painting "Unfinished Soul" that was painted in 2016. In my old post, it was explained that it was an "unfinished" painting and I have no plans in finishing it (the actual painting itself) but just randomly I thought of doing a digital version of it, the "finished" version without touching the original.

I was kinda like experimenting and I want to see how it will look like in my current style. It was fun to make and I can say both are connected to each other; which also explains the title. :p

Anyway, this was minted on KnownOrigin and I was really happy it got sold for 1 ETH. :)


I really like it! It looks good in digital and with a little bit of movement, even if it's just blue scribbles in front of the eyes and mouth that move.

Which made me wonder... what's with the 'censorship' in your art ( blurred out faces and all )? Is there a personal story behind that? Did you ever post about it?

Just curious :<)

Congratz on earning some more precious Ether and I wish you a great weekend!


I had a thought after last comment..
Given that this work is an expression of you, there's possibility for an "art critique" post about it.. and then an "artist response" as a follow up or the two combined into the one post.

I do believe ART is a solid field to entwine into the Blockchain experience and my suggestion as an avenues of expression from both artist and observer has ability to exist as part and parcel.

On the monetary side another thought is that a print service could be the linkage to the real world that solidifies ART on the chain as a bridging asset.

Obtained online, enjoyed in life.

There could be too, a contractual agreement where the person who purchased original rights and then onsells prints also gives artist royalties etc.

There's already many amazing artist here and many aspiring artists. The beholder might see quality wherever, because art is highly about the emotional element.

A system of elite recognition might be positive for all as this all evolves because I believe that some works should be celebrated as 'master pieces' so a system that exists as a type of 'top tier' would work as both reward/recognition and aspiration/achievement for all in the onchainART community.

Absolutely great! I love it!

So beautiful vyankeee !

Great work.

You and beyonce xD nice art loved

Wow it is a wonderful masterpiece...Your style is shining with all brightness...


I love your style! Another great work of art :)

Hi Lovelie ! I have a question : how do you get your pictures to be animated in the thumbnail , I mean, I posted some of my paintings in gif format and it never moved in the thumbnail 😆...what format is this great digital picture for example...? 😊 @hiddenblade

It's just gif. I just upload it there directly lol. Do you select your gif to be shown in the preview on Peakd?

Oooh...I don’t think I did that...will try that way next time I will upload a gif painting...I’ve ended up uploading the non moving painting first and then showed the gif, just because I noticed it didn’t move on the
6876FE90FE8445D898B5829EA7DB717F.png @hiddenblade 😉