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Hello, Summoners! 🍄

It is a long weekend for me because tomorrow is holiday, woohoo! Today is just a day that I can play and draw. I played Fall Guys with my friends for hours. 😆 I lost my voice for a minute because of screaming, haha. Aside from playing, I also delivered a commissioned NFT today. I'm glad she likes it. 🥺 I will make a blog of it soon.

For today's week, I chose Fungus Flinger. This card is so kawaii! Reminds me of Last of Us. 🤣



fungus flinger7.png

fungus flinger6.png

Glad that I bought this 3D chibi model, the pose is easier on my part. 😆 I am getting used to how to position the limbs and head. Slowly, I am getting faster in twisting the 3D model. I then drew a sketch of the character's looks. I did not put too many shrooms on the head. I really like the dripping skin, hehe.

fungus flinger5.png

fungus flinger4.png

Flat colors are picked from the original card. I just toned it down a bit because it is more saturated on the card. Already drew the lashes and sclera. The eyes are from my art Prince Julian. I just copy and pasted it from the art. Of course, I tweaked it to match the card. I change the eye color, pupil's position, and the shine sparkles. I added shadowings on the shrooms, brows, and some parts of the body. I got ick with the yellow boil-like on the skin. ugh.

fungus flinger3.png

fungus flinger2.png

I chose a pastel green for the background. I airbrushed cyan and purple of the body, especially on the neck area. Next are the bombs on the hands. I used the shape and fill it with the color black. For the smoke, I used a pen to draw random swirls. I used a blur pen to soften the hard edges.


fungus flinger.png

I added a shadow of the character and lowered the opacity. I then used the text tool to write the name of the card. It is a tradition at this point. 🤣

finished art~ 🍄✨

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Software: Clip Studio Paint Pro

That is it for this art blog. I will see you at the next one!
📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. Logo and original art from Splinterlands.

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I love it! your idea is very original! I really liked it a lot! it's an adorable little thing!

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Thank you so much!!! 💖 I really like chibis. 😊


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Soooo cute 😍 Good work ♥️

Thank you, Chopi! 😍🙏

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

We must turn all the SPL monsters into females. Hmmmm yesss

HAHA! btw, I'm playing don't starve rn! Highly addicting omg

Beautiful! We should add each other on STEAM!

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Beautiful and cutee draw, nice work! 😊


Thank you so much! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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OMG! i love the chibi style and i think you did a nice job ♥