The Zombie Steed

Knighthood isn't what it used to be... Another one of those right hand drawings that came from my silly imagination.


The Zombie Steed

Here's the casual sketch that it is based on...



High resolution file:


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Haha that would be kind of an interesting premise to a VERY high-concept story. Some kind of alternate universe where during Feudal times there was a zombie livestock situation going on - the ultimate and most evil renewable resource!

It is actually exactly what it is becoming - even more high-concept than just zombies. I have agreed to play some roleplaying again now that me and my mates (50% family) have children and wifes who doesn't need us much anymore and are busy and self-propelled (goes for those wives too). So the Norn God I made a drawing of the other day and this piece might be the beginning of some serious world building. I am sure I will get back with more.

Awesome, whether it's a scenario for a role-playing game, or a story you're writing, I think it's a fun premise to explore!

If zombies are so useful, then the feudal lords would have hoarded them and not let the peasants in on the action, but some peasants probably would manage to keep a few zombies in their herd, or maybe if the zombies are dangerous, the peasants are forced by the feudal lord to be their handlers...

Yes, maybe it will become both rpg and a story. I have too many plans for my own good, but as a way of exploring the universe a pen and paper RPG is a good way. The premise I have come up with is so bleak that I will have to try it out to see if it will be attractive at all.

I can't tell which of those two is the more brain dead.

You've prompted me to look up steed.

—sometimes used figuratively for something (such as a bicycle or an automobile) being likened to a horse

Poor horses, likened to zombies.

Fascinating drawing! The details, even when the details are fuzzy, draw me in, make me want more.

There is some sort of modern fable hidden in it. I just had the idea because I thought it was funny, but who knows what is going on. The brutal, merciless man on top of the soulless man.

Great piece carved out from a creative imagination @katharsisdrill

Thanks Debbie :)

Awesome and terrifying piece. What does that sign on that cloth represent?

I am not sure about the insignis yet, but some sort of religious order is my main idea.

Oh, okay. That will go well.

I'm really interested in the story of that one :D

I am not exactly sure, to be honest, but it got me thinking so the world is already building itself inside my head... I will post about it when I get closer to what is going on.

Haha! Cool stuff and fun tagline.

I kind of expected the guy on top to be legless.

Ever seen Aranofsky's 'El Topo'? one of the craziest Westerns ever. There's a legless and armless guy, on top of each other, who climb a ladder together.

Yes, Jodorowsky is a crazy man. I've seen it :)

Jodorowsky indeed. Not sure why I wrote Aranofsky, probably because he is a filmmaker too with the same amount of syllables and it rhymes haha!

Still not forgetting about the stereotypes about zombies: why this "horsy" doesn't bite the rider?
Presumably: does he squeeze head with his hips so hard that he doesn't let the zombie rotate it?

Yes, I thoght of that too. Maybe he has the zombie so baffled it forget to bite. The facial expression of the zombie could hint at that. A goo pair of leather trousers might also work :)

Knighthood surely ISN'T what it used to be! The almost "innocent" confusion in the face of the "human" steed ... the insanity of the aggression of the knight above ... it is hilarious at first, but then when you think about it some more in light of the history of the world ... really thought-provoking ... Emerson once said, "Things are in the saddle and they ride mankind" ... there is a lostness here even beyond that ...

Well, originally I just liked the absurd fun of the idea, but it does have a certain symbolic feel to it; like one of those eighteen century satirical allegories.

The fun is DEFINITELY there ... it could be a comedy OR a tragedy, equally well ...

I think your imagination is amazing. This is indeed is a wonderful piece of Art 😎

You're welcome 🙂

Oh what a great final result you had, congratulations, it's a very good job, I loved it

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