Japanese Yokai - The ghost sheep (Mixed media illustration) Eng-Esp

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Hello everyone!! ♥️ Well, I really like the graphic style of Japanese monsters and spirits that come from beyond, the way they are represented is usually quite imaginative. These types of creatures are known as Youkai (or Yokai).

The characteristics they have can be human, animal and even from inanimate objects or natural elements. That is why when creating one you can give it all kinds of characteristics. In this case, it´s a mysterious sheep with three eyes, and I wanted to draw it drinking tea. I was a bit inspired from some animes that represent yokais more in a nice way than in a terrifying way, although there are a lot of those too.

There´s one called Natsume Yuujin-Chou, which I reccommend if you want to watch a show about youkais. Now, this sheep was made only with a pencil, then I did some digital redraw to make it look more how I wanted and... here you have it!

Bueno, me gusta mucho el estilo gráfico de los monstruos japoneses y los espíritus que vienen del más allá, la forma en que se representan suele ser bastante imaginativa. Este tipo de criaturas se conocen como Youkai (o Yokai).

Las características que tienen pueden ser humanas, animales e incluso de objetos inanimados o de elementos estructurales. Por eso a la hora de crear uno puedes darle todo tipo de características. En este caso, es una una misteriosa oveja con tres ojos, y quise dibujarla bebiendo té. Me inspiré un poco en animes que representan a los yokais más de una manera agradable que aterradora, aunque también hay muchos de esos.

Hay uno llamado Natsume Yuujin-Chou, que recomiendo si quieres ver un programa sobre youkais. Ahora, esta oveja la hice solo con lápiz, luego le hice una redibujo digital para que se viera más como yo quería y... ¡aquí lo tienen!



This spirit sheep loves hot black tea!


If you are interested in ghosts and monsters, I recommend you to research these creatures of the Japanese folklore. there are many super interesting stories, illustrations, paintings and films.

By Fernanda Rojas @kitzune

Thanks for reading!
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This one looks pretty creepy! Good to see you back.

Thanks!!! ❤️ Yeah I´ve been away for some time 😅

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wao me gusto muchisimo! El acabado que lograste y como funciona con el estilo de dibujo y conceptual que elegiste me gusta bastante!

¡¡Muchísimas gracias por tu apreciación!! Me alegra que te gustara ❤️

I like his posture and the clouds @kitzune I'm glad he's a friendly version :)

Thank you so much @donnadavisart !! Yes, it´s totally friendly 😊❤️