The Invader´s Lullaby - Minted art

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A lullaby could keep you daydreaming. And if it comes from a cute little alien, it would probably be a very sweet song that you would love to hear.

The Invader´s Lullaby is my second work minted on Hic Et Nunc.

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This was inspired by two things: a very unique girl from real life and book I read during the quarantine.

For this one I used pencill, a fine point marker and a red crayon. I wanted to use some digital tools but at the end I left it like this.


I wonder how this song sounds.


Lullaby_kitzune2.jpg The finished outline.


Lullaby_kitzune3.jpg Th pencil sketch.


By Fernanda Rojas @kitzune

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I love this! I love the expression of the eyes

Thank you!! I´m glad you like it.

This one turned out gorgeous!

Her sketch or the Scetcher ? Hhhha

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