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flame mephit.png

It's another round of the splinterlands art contest and this is submission. Hello everyone, It's Friday and I hope your week has been amazing, my week went by really slow. I'm still resting and focusing on eating right now that my appetite is coming back gradually. Working with warm tones can be fun, especially when the skin colour is darker, the glow is just epic.

Flame Mephits are minor fire elementals summoned by mages for performing tasks like warming meals, igniting fireplaces, or causing controlled forest destruction. I think this is a new card because I just noticed it yesterday and it was a love at first sight feeling. The character and colours is just epic, the pose and smile too, so enchanting. I think I'll love to do a fuller body version soon...



I had this idea for sometime so since I didn't want to do something that would stress me so much so I decided to try it out. Well, it did stress me out a little but I took lots of breaks and I'm glad this looks good. I did the sketch a couple of times and I finally got something I could work with, I painted her skin, neck piece and her facial features.




I started adding highlights and shadows to different areas of her skin, I then painted her jewellery and details to that and more colours to her neck piece. I'm really happy with how the colours look, using the colours in the original character was a really great idea.




I was really worried about this phase because painting fire has always been a huge challenge for me but I did it. The lasso tool really helped, I just selected the areas in fire shapes and kept painting bit by bit. I started with a darker orange for the base before adding the lighter orange, yellows and whites and it looked good. I also thought that painting some fire across her face and neck area would be great and it was. I also worked on the background by painting the fireball and some flames around her...



Finally, I began to add some extra colors and glow everywhere. Her earrings, neck piece, head, eyebrows, lashes and background. Overall, this work looks really good and I'm very satisfied.

flame mephit.png

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop cc2019
Huion drawing tablet and pen

Thanks for visiting my blog, have an amazing weekend ahead...


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 2 months ago  

I like your version very much!

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I really love this~~ 😍😍😍 awesome as always…keep it up~~ 😍♥️

Thanks dear