Splinterlands Art Contest Week 239 . Ice Pixie ❄️❄️❄️❄️

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Hello Hivers, I hope everyone is well. I have created a new illustration for an art contest featuring Ice Pixie, one of the favorite cards of Splinterlands players. This card is very effective, but it was my second choice. My first choice was Drake of Arnak, which is the dragon element summoner's card. For this art, I made an illustration a few days ago which I named "Master Dragon". However, even after modifying it, I didn't like it, so I scrapped it and created a new illustration of Ice Pixie.

Image link Before creating the Ice Pixie illustration, I did some research on it. First, it is a water element card, and the image on the card has ice crystals around it, along with its colors, etc. That means the one I make has to have them too, and I tried to incorporate them into my illustration. In my illustration, the Ice Pixie is sitting in a pond of ice with ice crystals in front of it. Moreover, ice crystals are falling like rain.

In the main card, Ice Pixie uses a few colors like aqua, blue, and white, and some shades of blue, gradients of aqua, and white have also been used. These are exactly the same colors I used in my illustration, and I tried to understand them well before drawing it because I don't like to change the original design.


I created this illustration with Illustrator software, and apart from the colors I mentioned earlier, quite a few colors have been used. I used whatever it takes to make it look good. I have also created a GIF image combining the images of the different stages of my creation of this illustration. In fact, I have never used GIFs before. If you go to my blog and see the previous posts, you will understand that I used to add many pictures of different processes of drawing art like everyone else. But when I tried to do that, I saw a little trouble and all the posts were getting the same. So I'm now trying to give this as a GIF.

If you look at the illustration, you will see that there is an aqua color lighting effect. For this, I used the outer glow effect and the aqua color. It is not used everywhere; I used it on the water part below and all the aqua colors. Next, I changed the transparency of the aqua color to brighten it up. I did this a few times in a few steps.
So, this is how I made the Ice Pixie illustration.I would appreciate it if you could let me know what you think of my new illustration. I hope you like it and good luck to all the participants.


I love these little fairies! your illustration is amazing, and I find it amazing that you have created it with Illustrator, I feel respect for the artists who create great illustrations in this software, haha.

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You have a beautiful way of painting!♥