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This is my dragon snake. I named him Mango. He's a wish dragon and he's good, and a bit crazy. He has no wings but can levitate.

20220619_152400 (2).jpg

It was easy to make him. I rolled my clay into a noodle and then bent it couple of times in a spiral. Then I put spikes on his back, formed ball eyes and longer horns. I formed his eyebrows with my fingers and nose with a sharp tool for cutting.

This is how he looked like after his first baking.
20220508_112725 (2).jpg
20220508_112731 (2).jpg
I colored him mostly blue, green and little bit of white. One eye is blue and the other is white so he can see better.

20220522_151803 (2).jpg

20220522_151733 (2).jpg

20220522_151754 (2).jpg

20220522_151748 (2).jpg
Before he went to oven I put him in liquid, just for a second, that made him very shiny and even stronger.
Here he already is after his second baking.
20220619_152407 (2).jpg
20220619_152348 (2).jpg
20220619_152331 (2).jpg
20220619_152341 (2).jpg
20220619_152353 (2).jpg
His bottom has my horsy signature.
20220619_152419 (2).jpg

Mango is now sitting on my desk. I use him as a paper weight. It was a good busy day for me.