The Missing Piece NFT [EN/DE]

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Check out now my real first NFT on @nftshowroom. It´s "The Missing Piece". See the making of this artwork in my previous post The missing piece [EN/DE]. What are you thinking? Did I make any mistakes? I think I´ll continue, it´s so great to bring my creatures to live.

Jetzt könnt ihr mein erstes echtes NFT auf @nftshowroom finden. Es ist "Das fehlende Stück". Das Making of könnt ihr in meinem PostThe missing piece [EN/DE] finden. Was denkt ihr? Habe ich irgendwelche Fehler gemacht? Ich werde wahrscheinlich weitermachen, es ist so ein gutes Gefühl, meine Kreaturen zum Leben zu erwecken...

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Thank you for reading! | Danke für´s Lesen!

My first NFT...not | Mein ersts NFT...nicht [EN/DE]

 4 months ago (edited) 

This turned out really cool! It did give me a Tool video vibe... and then i went and looked at your last post and the text in the NFT Showroom! hahaha I really like this and i am glad you shared your art here with us in the community! Thanks and keep up the great work!

It´s always good to get some Tool vibes. Thank you ❤️

cool! love it!

Thank you Romanie ♥️

oh cool, gratuliere zum ersten NFT :)

Vielen Dank! Ist auch schon weg ;) Das nächste ist aber in der Mache...

 4 months ago (edited) 

Not only is it beautiful but you used a TOOL quote haha I just bought it, proud to have your first NFT in my collection!

also I have been dying to get back into sculpture, I have a big box of sculpey next to me and seeing this tempts me even more 😂

Sending you so much love, mighty Alien Overlord. I´m honoured 👾