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RE: The Pursuit of Beauty

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Thank god @agmoore there is something for us at the end :D .. FUT is also their but FUE is much popular I think. Luckily, I have content hair still, hope god would bless me with that forever haha!

I never knew that feet surgery is also there. Holy god! I'm real stunned on this and the corset too. I thought only lips, hips, breats surgery was available for them.

I hope this might be of high value to some.. Reblogged!


Thank you for the reblog.
Yes, of course I remember the men, but very few of them wear stilettos :)) so that's why they were mostly left out.
I hope to see your nice collages when @shaka returns. Meanwhile good health to you and your family.

About to post one now for community support challenge, I hope I can make it before deadline :D

Wish you the same AG :) @agmoore