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A little while ago, I started to pick a card of the day to share with my friends on social media.
The recent cards can be seen on my twitter account at https://twitter.com/Reinhard_Schmid

For now, I only use the major arcana, and until the whole set is completed, I take the cards already shown, away from the stack. This way, we get a new one every day.

Card of the day: "X - The Wheel of Fortune"


Means: With infinite ups and downs it teaches the ability to take fate as it comes.

Says: What comes down, will go up!

More info at https://peakd.com/.../take-them-all-the-temple-of-the...
Get yours at https://makersplace.com/reinhardschmid/the-wheel-of-fortune-4-of-22-45266/

(Disclaimer: I give no advice for what to do and cannot take any responsibility for links followed or action taken)

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Says: What comes down, will go up!

And what goes around comes around. The wheel of fortune is also called as the wheel of karma.

Thanks a lot for your additional information. Of course there is a lot more to it, than I put in this very short description ☀️

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