✨TAROT!✨ - XII - The Hanged Man

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A little while ago, I started to pick a card of the day to share with my friends on social media.
The recent cards can be seen on my twitter account at https://twitter.com/Reinhard_Schmid

For now, I only use the major arcana, and until the whole set is completed, I take the cards already shown away from the stack. This way, we get a new one every day.

Card of the day: "XII - The Hanged Man"


Means: Being stuck and points to a situation that requires rethinking.

Says: Change your viewpoint!

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It's really nice to see you're back on a daily basis! And I also like your tarot designs.

Thank you. Working hard on my social media presence! Glad you like my tarot :-)

Die Prüfung means the test (exam, trial) does number 12 stand for the hanged man because this man is not hanged at all :D
sorry I am a noob