✨TAROT!✨ - XIII - Death

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A little while ago, I started to pick a card of the day to share with my friends on social media.
Now bringing in the missing cards I had previoiusly posted on my twitter account at https://twitter.com/Reinhard_Schmid

I only used the major arcana, and until the whole set was completed, I took away the cards already shown, from the stack. This way, we got a new one every day.

Today: "XIII - Death"


Means: A natural ending of something, because the time has come, letting go, and finally ending with old things.

Says: Let go!

More info at https://peakd.com/.../take-them-all-the-temple-of-the...
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The death card looks healthy 😅 The choice of color is perfect, loved it 😍

Thank you. For me the card represents transformation more than actual death, so a healthy look seems acceptable.

It has been a while, just realized you've been posting again. It has been quite a few years when I seen those at your old place in Viechtach.
Upvoted and reblogged.

Yes, haven't posted for a long time... too much work I guess. Will try to be around more again. Thanks a lot for the vote and reblog :-)

I like the colors and the details. I love it.