The SmackMan

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Illustrated history of the legendary NFT icon


It all started with a painting in my very own technique, using graphite pencil, watercolor and acrylics on reverse side of glass.

Good thing, I actually wrote the title "Siebenmeilenschnecke", date and location on the painting. Therefore I can precisely date it at 1998, painted while I was living in Chicago.


I was actually travelling back and forth between my place in Chicago and my hometown in Germany, where I ran a small museum at the time. There I also had a workshop, where I made my handmade frames. The finished and framed piece looked like this:


A few years later, a friend got into large format printing and we were looking for ways to apply that to my art. I started creating digital collages, which were then printed directly onto solid boards.

I made a scan of original Siebenmeilenschnecke and combined it with some drawings from my sketchbook. I called the digital collage "Fischneck"


The whole piece was tokenized on SuperRare in 2020 and is now part of WhaleShark's collection "The Vault".

As early as 2018 I took this very distinct "face" out of its original context and used it for my very early NFTs on Makersplace and Superrare. The Smackman was born!




Since I didn't know about animation software back then, I handmade every frame in Photoshop for my early animations!

Many variations followed, like in my collection SmackMan on Makersplace:


There is also a Smackman on Monograma, suggesting a breathing method, which is supposed to have an overall positive effect on our mental and physical health!



In 2020, the funny face appears in ArtxWhale as WhaleMan, a morph animation between the $WHALE logo and SmackMan himself:



When SuperRare issued the $RARE token back in 2021, SmackMan appeared as the $RARE-Man!



In 2021, I also started to bring the SmackMan into 3d space. There even was a look inside his head:


Early 2022 a very happy "SmackMandala" (get it?) appeard at FLUX COLLECTIVE X CLOUDFEST and rumor has it, that you might still be able to pick one up at



In June 2022, "SmackMan NiftyCoin-1" was released on Nifty Gateway, to reward collectors of all three pieces of my Genesis drop there.


In Fall 2022, SmackMan appears in CRYPTO ART BEGINS, a project curated by Eleonora Brizi, based on an idea of The NFT Magazine and published by Rizzoli illustrati in Italy and Rizzoli New York.

In 2022 SmackMan started to work closely with Flux Collective. In an outstanding collaboration with Composer Michael Emperiom and avantgarde artist Coude Flux created the SmackMan Coin which is planed to be released by the Flux Collective in fall of 2022!



I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and reblogs





See more of my art and NFTs at and

My tokenized collectible art at

MakersPlace and Superrare


This is super awesome! Congrats on all the success. The art is exquisite!

Cordial thanks. Ongoing project, so it will be interesting, where the journey will take us :-)

That is such an original piece of art, great work!🤩

Thanks a lot!

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