"HiveBloPoMo #10: Arts and ACTION!" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Day 10 of the April #HiveBloPoMo challenge! (30 posts in 30 days... Totally easy, right???)

To keep myself STABLE over the last few weeks (sick granddaughter, daughter with bronchitis and a sinus infection, our washing machine crapped out on us, and the world is pretty stupid OUTSIDE of our sphere of influence...), I been drawing! Here are a couple of kinda new pieces...

[Various pens on reclaimed cardboard with some digital embellishments.]

[Various pens on smooth marker paper card with slight digital embellishment.]

Yep... I'm a fancy arteeest! (Ha!)

I also noticed that I had some fairly neato photos on my phone from our vacation that I hadn't shared yet... (These aren't my arts, just cool images and scenes that Mariah and I found around Lincoln City, Oregon, U.S.A.)







Mariah and I agreed that we should have taken more photos. Our next out of town trip will be more about snapping pictures of the weird little oddball details that we see, but which we rarely stop to get snaps of. Our memories aren't super anymore, so we need the visual evidence.... Yeah... Okay...

Thanks for cruising by!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)


Uh, I really like the first drawing! I'm feeling for that little guy with the horns on the left. He wants to reach the flower but he can't because of that wall between them :/

Ha! Yeah, he's going to need to use some problem solving skills!

I can see he's thinking hard, so I believe he will find out eventually ^^