Cat Janice - Dance You Outta My Head (Paul Infrasonic Remix) [Progressive House]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to present you my remix of the song Cat Janice - Dance You Outta My Head, I hope it will put you in a spring mood, here we go! 🌷


About Work: ☂️

Recently I noticed that I didn't share here my remix that I made about a month ago, I was posting it on a DJ site and soon I found out that it started to gain some popularity among listeners and I saw a few dozen posts of people about life and they used my remix in their posts, it's very cool and I like it because these people caught the mood and it coincided with my music work. I soon found out that I didn't post this remix on my YouTube channel and here on hive I didn't do a post either and today I decided to rectify that. I first heard this song not so long ago and I liked the vocals, the motif and the mood of the song. I found the original track and started dividing it into instrument parts, vocals, bass and so on, I used the vocal track and the pad track in my remix, and I immediately got the idea to do something spring and light in mood, besides the recording date of this remix is at the end of winter and beginning of spring, and I was in a pretty good mood and wanted to work on this remix. I decided to make a dance track, something like the pop music we hear on radio stations, a simple and tasteful typical club pop dance track. In this remix I used 3 synthesizers for the bass line, two main and one background, also on the main bass parts I made automation of the cutoff knobs to make the bass grow and create more dynamics and space in the track, also I used the sidechain function to make more swing in the track and make it more danceable. The rhythmic pattern I made mainly from the drums that I use to create synth wave music, as well as dip house, they are quite common and quite good for a composition of this genre. Of course in the process I tried on the main track and vocals of the song, I tried to work on everything at once but gradually not to lose the thread and the idea, I immediately made a plan in my head how it will look like in the project, - intro, playback, pit, rocking, development and so on, in a word chronological order. It was important to keep the mood of the original composition and bring something new into it, it's a remix after all. I don't often write pop music, and I don't listen to it that often either, I like other musical genres and cultures more, but pop music is one of the founders of many musical genres in electronic music, so it should be considered. In my case I got a symbiosis of several musical genres such as dance pop, progressive house and electro house. I'm sure I won't listen to it often, rather I made it for those who like to listen to such music, and for me it's just an experience in writing this genre and no more, but I'm glad that my remix found its listeners, so I didn't work on it in vain.

Also friends I would like to ask you, if you are not subscribed to my YouTube Channel, I will be very happy if you do it, because I set myself a goal - to develop my youtube channel and develop my creativity. On my youtube channel I publish my music, also there you can find my earlier music compositions, in addition soon I plan to publish there and training material and if I manage to set up OBS I will sometimes start a stream and we can communicate there. So if you think it is necessary to subscribe to youtube, see by the end of the year I can collect there 1000 friends and viewers, it would be very nice for me and it will motivate me in my creative activity. 🙂

Thanks for listening everyone, I wish you a productive week and have a great time and enjoy all the colors of early spring. Hugs to everyone, see you all again, yo! 🙏😎

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