Paul Infrasonic - Crowbar Family (Original Track) [Cinematic Sinister Music]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my composition in cinematic genre, it's apathetic ambient with elements of horror. Let's go! 🐋


About Work:

I can't remember if I've shared this track here but it looks like I haven't, anyway I feel I should share it. I'll tell you the backstory of this music theme, I wrote it in 2020 after playing a Nazi Zombie game, it had some pretty scary music and the atmosphere of the game is very full of pain, fear and just soaked in something sinister. So I was inspired to do something in this genre, initially my idea of my work was that - it will be a monotonous gloomy soundtrack with stretching sounds of iron gnashing, the bass line will float and create rolls in the pitch of notes (not tonality), in general I saw it as a submarine floating in dark water at great depths and as an option I considered the possibility that it is not just a submarine but a whale submarine, this allegory was born in my head when I chose the sounds of iron scraping as they are similar to the moans of whales in general it may sound crazy but this is the reality. In my composition I used quite a lot of different sound effects, for example one of my favorite sounds in this soundtrack is the sound of a falling scrap, that's where the name came from, it was a normal sound but I made it sound like it was happening in some big basement, I gave it atmosphere and reverb, and almost all the sounds I used I also processed them to give them more intensity. I really like the theme of submarines, for me it is something very mesmerizing, scary and dangerous. In my head I always have such sounds as in my soundtrack, some sounds I record myself and then process them turning them into something industrial and mechanical, I love the process of creating such soundtracks, and today I have the opportunity with the help of neural networks to create a suitable art that will be a great addition to the music, I've made a few of these and they are intertwined throughout the chronology of the track, I plan to work with real signals from space that have been translated into sound, I really like these sounds and I'd like to use them, it's incredibly valuable material, just think about how Quasar would sound? I am just excited about this kind of material and I am sure that soon I will present you something using real signals of space objects. In general, this is the soundtrack, I tried to convey the atmosphere and I hope I succeeded.

Thanks for your attention and see you soon dear friends, have a great weekend, hugs to all, yo! 🖐

Contacts: 👾

Twitter / Discord / Spotify / Facebook / iTunes / Beatport / SoundCloud / YouTube

Daw: FL-Studio / Ableton Live

Cover: AI / PS / AE


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