Paul Infrasonic - Distortion (Experimenal Indie Music)

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new music composition - Distortion. This is an experimental indie work. Let's go! ☄



A little pre-story about how this track came to be, at the beginning of the work I planned that it will be my next vintage vibe track, but in the process of work plans changed when I heard the sound of guitar, hehehe, I immediately started working on it, so my course changed and I started working on this composition. I did a lot in one session, it lasted for 6 hours, the next day I worked for a couple more hours and then again, in general I was mesmerized by this fretted guitar, or rather its flow and melody if I may say so. I decided to make a straight drum drum under it like in Fo-Fi House style, a little bit muted and soft. In general, the process itself was undulating in terms of how the track changed, or rather my ideas. I really wanted to do something unusual, I decided that it would be something shamanic and at the same time sad and nostalgic, soulful and at the same time detached, I don't know how to choose the words, but I described it as I could. I thought about the foundation for a long time, I decided that blurred indie sounds would be justified and decided to move towards indie sounds and add something modern. I decided that vocals would be a good fit and by the way it was a controversial point but I figured why not. I had a picture of a shaman in the mountains for the second part of the track, maybe even some kind of cyber shaman and I added some more electronic bass, I think it worked. I can talk about something for a long time, but it's not for me in this situation, as the music will tell itself, and besides I don't even know what kind of style it turned out to be, I'll call it an experiment. I wish you a pleasant listening, please leave your thoughts.

Thank you for your attention, I wish you a productive week and a great mood, see you and hear you again, hugs to all and see you soon! 🙃

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Awesome jam with this one brother! Keep up the great work.

Thanks bro, I try to look for new things in my ideas and experiment. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. 😎


Thanks for the encouragement, and for the comment! I appreciate it!