Paul Infrasonic - No Signal (Original Track) [Trap / Future Garage]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

The other day I went out for a walk around the city at night, there were very few people, I went to different locations, listened to music on headphones. So I was looking for inspiration to get back into the studio and write a new piece of music, and that's what came out of it! Let's go!


About Track:

Upon returning to the studio, I didn’t have any particular emotions from the walk, I simply walked along the half-empty streets and saw practically nothing special, being alone with my thoughts, I seemed to simply unwind and nothing more. But still, a little later, I decided to invent music in the studio over a cup of hot tea. In my mood, I decided that I needed to start working on a new piece with the piano again, I thought that I needed to make a very sad melody, such that it would display some empty streets, or something like that. I wanted to do something melancholic and something that would sound smooth. In general, the instrumental that I got quite badly needs vocals, if a rap is read in this track, it will obviously become twice as good, there is not enough sense of the words for this instrumental, although it sounds pretty good, but still.

In general, working with a melody is one of my favorite things to do, combining it with bass and beat is exciting and curious, you almost never know the final result in advance, since there are many transformations of the track from the zero point to the finish line, sometimes it just disappears in the process the desire to finish the track, and it happens. Do you know how many unfinished demos I have? There are several hundred of them, yes, yes, they will remain stubs in the project folder. I have one idea about this, I think that they need to be archived and distributed to those who need them, on reddit I often see guys who give their demos to other musicians, in fact this is a very good idea, and perhaps what -some unfinished tracks will still be completed. I used to be in a community where musicians exchanged demos, because you don’t always have the strength or the desire to finish your own, but here they already give you the basis of the track, take it and develop it, open up a second wind and it often happened that these things really worked.

I also started making my own sample pack, where I collect my tunes in wav format and midi files, I'm going to make it 300+ musical elements, this idea has been in my head since 2007, so I think the time has come and I'll try don't miss him. Now my pack already has about 50 exclusive melodies and I continue to work on it in order to organize a full-fledged sample pack from this in the future, I think it's worth it.

In general, I said everything about the track, I don’t think that it is necessary to write the same thing in every post, about the bass, about the rhythm, about the idea, about the execution and implementation of the idea, and everything like that. My creative process is almost always the same, and I almost always use the same synthesizers, because at some point I realized that the more new synths I have, the less I make music, and so it is with many musicians. For almost 20 years that I have been writing music, I have selected synths that suit me and work with them, although from time to time I get something new, but this is more about sound processing.


In general, this is how my track turned out, probably in the mood of Sunday, I just like it, and you? Thanks in advance for your feedback, I appreciate it, I leave you alone with my track and I'll go create new music so that I can come back later and share it with you, see you soon dear friends! Chao! 👋🙂

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Credits: Background Art by darksouls1