Paul Infrasonic - Purple Rain (Original Track) [Soul Guitar Music]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new musical composition, it is an emotional musical instrumental track. Let's go! ☂️


About Work:

Lately I often turn my attention to guitar music; I like it when the guitar melody is sad and emotional, soulful and vague. At some points I try to create a kind of symbiosis of different musical cultures, I try to combine instruments from different musical genres, for example, today’s track of mine is shades of post-punk guitar combined with oriental duduk, it seems to me that the result is quite an interesting interweaving of melodies that complement each other and look great in the overall picture. Also for this track I made a beat from hip-hop culture, and in the end it turned out as if three different elements merged together, it’s very interesting to experiment with this. I have always enjoyed experimenting with music in all its manifestations; there is something in this that can give rise to a new subculture (IMHO). In general, as for eastern traditional musical instruments, I have long fallen in love with their sound, it is always something emotional and relaxing and at the same time mysterious. I would also like to say about the sound of the guitar, in my opinion it is one of the best instruments for expressing emotions, and especially when music is performed on it with soul or from the heart, I have always treated the music of Pink Floyd with great trepidation, for me this music - it’s just some kind of astral, especially solo parts, well, just wow, and it doesn’t get boring and over time only confirms its originality and status of legendary artists, I always try to keep all this in my head, maybe somewhere to emphasize something for yourself and try to do similar things in your own way. In general, I want to say that experimenting with music is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my musical career, I am glad that my musical tastes have a huge range in style, this has always helped me get inspiration and work on my own tracks. And it will continue to do so! 😌


Thank you for your attention, I’m very happy to share my music with you and receive feedback from you in the form of feedback, I also wanted to remind you that I have a YouTube channel, I will be glad to have new listeners there, I regularly upload something there, come and let’s also communicate there in the comments. Thanks in advance to everyone, I wish you a good day and see you again, hugs to everyone, bye bye. 🖐🙂

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This has a real nice progression and it is a very interesting mix. I hope this does become a new subculture because I love the folk instrument fusions! Excellent work my friend.

Thanks a lot for the visit and for the comment my friend, in these experiments I am trying to find something new, anyway there is still something to work on and I will try to keep doing it as much as I can. Thanks again bro!

With those kinds of fusion combos... you could never run out of experiments. Stay motivated browski!!