Paul Infrasonic - Road To Aberdeen [Soul Rock / Hometown Music]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new piece of Soul Rock music, let's go! πŸ˜„

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I decided to interrupt my series of posts on vintage music for a while, as projects in this genre are still in the making and I'm working on it right now. But I couldn't leave you without a portion of music, or rather soulful music. I don't often write something in the genre of Rock and its subgenres, but sometimes the mood strikes and I get down to business. I'm very fond of Rock, Grunge and Metal music, I'm also a big fan of acoustic percussion, today is the moment when I decided to work with it. I'm not very good at creating beautiful guitar melodies but I'm learning and in the future maybe I'll play something on my guitar myself, but for now I found an interesting guitar melody petal and I liked it a lot, I decided to try to make a bass line for it and record live percussion instruments, I just wanted to do it on my heart's desire, hehehe. In general I always called this genre something like Road Rock, you know that radio receiver that plays music while traveling, it's purely my feelings. Also for a change I decided to add some violin just for mood and for a broader sound in general. My love for guitar music was born under the songs of Nirvana, I was still a kid and saw a video on TV and that's it, from that moment I fell in love with the music of Nirvana and the charisma of Kurt Cobain. My composition has the name - Road to Aberdeen for a reason, because Aberdeen is Kurt's hometown, and in general you know this nostalgia of American roads from state to state, I haven't been to America but I've seen a lot of videos about it, and I have an impression that this music probably describes this atmosphere, but I'm not sure about it, let the native Americans answer me if there is something in it that I'm fantasizing about or if it's all wrong. Anyway, this is a modest composition, I hope it will be in your mood or in your view from the car window.

Thank you for your attention, have a great time and stay tuned, would love to read your thoughts friends! Hugs to all and see you all again! Rock! 🀘😝🀘

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