Paul Infrasonic - Sparks Of Time (Original Track) [Liquidfunk / Soul Drum & Bass]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new musical composition in the genre of Liquidfunk and Soul Drum and Bass, let's go! 🌟



I haven’t made tracks in the Liquidfunk style for a long time, and in order not to lose interest in this light and airy genre, I decided to make a spring and rhythmic track, it’s impossible to give up what you love, and in my case, this genre has always been around for as long as I can remember in my adult life. was there even when I didn’t yet know how to write music in this style. In short, the skills of writing such music were not very easy for me, I made tracks in hundreds of different genres, but I didn’t discover Liquidfunk right away, I immersed myself in this genre for a long time and listened to it for days on end in order to emphasize for myself the main points and aspects that are inherent in this genre, what will help me is learning how to do it, and yet it has always been different, and I have not and will never limit myself to something formulaic in writing music. I make tracks in this genre with great love, and as a rule, I am inspired to write this music by travel and trips somewhere in nature, I truly consider this music to be something more than just music, first of all, it is like musical background for nature, this music does not just sound, but it flows like a forest stream. Now a little about the track, this is my new work, which I started working on two months ago, and unfortunately I can’t publish the full version online yet because then there will be difficulties with releasing it on a label, so I carefully cut out the most interesting and did it so as not to lose the essence of the track and not miss anything. What I would like to say from the main thing is my new bass that I developed in the synthesizer - Serum, I’m so glad that in the process of writing this track I also created a new bass line for myself and I think that in the future I will use it as it sounds it is quite dense and deep, and in bass parts I give these factors priority, the density and depth of the bass creates an excellent atmosphere and richness in the tracks, so here it is 100% and without any disputes. I also added a lot of interesting intermediate sounds and voices, in order to make my works more attractive, I always try to make some small details more noticeable, be it a voice, sound effects or short melodies, and probably one thing one of the important things is the rhythmic pattern, I made it from scratch, I had to connect a drum machine and improvise a little, I love this thing, but sometimes I’m too lazy to connect additional devices, but I can’t do without it. In general, I want to say that I liked the result, I will definitely share the full version of the track, but frankly, there won’t be anything new there, since I already said earlier that I chose the best and made this radio version of the track, which reflects all the main elements. 😌

This is how my work turned out, I hope you like it, I wish you a productive week and a great mood, I hugged everyone from the bottom of my heart, and see you again!

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