Paul Infrasonic - Stardust (Original Track) [Ambient Zen Music]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new music composition in the genre - Ambient. This is my debut release, let's go! πŸ‹


About Work:

When I do things at my computer I always put background music for me, mostly it's monotonous atmospheric music as they call it on the internet - healing music. It's kind of zen. And just the other day I thought why don't I also try to make such music, besides I have no experience in creating zen music at all, and I decided that it would be very curious to try to make something from this genre. I decided to make my debut track in the form of an aura or something like that, it's a mixture of nature sounds, and I also made a background lingering pad in tone with a layer of muffled bass, it took quite a long time because it was quite a challenge to choose these soft and magical sounds, but I think I managed to do it within this genre of music, also I created a lot of different sound effects and background sounds on synthesizers, different shimmers and sound arches. I changed a lot of things in the process, some I removed, some I added. I thought about many ideas to find the right direction. In general it turned out not quite smooth because sometimes there are sharp sounds, but nevertheless I tried to muffle them to be softer, also I added a couple of robotic sounds consisting mainly of bass rolls, it turned out quite apathetic but very atmospheric and mystical, in the process I realized a lot of things for myself, and originally my track should be 12 minutes long, but because of my bad internet I realized that it would take a long time to upload to YouTube, so I shortened it a bit. I like what I got, it sounds like movie music, maybe it could be used somewhere in the future, but in any case I made the first step in this direction so to say to scout the situation and in the future I may study this musical genre in more detail. 😌

Well and wanted to add a few words about video design, I since childhood I love levitating islands, and constantly used to draw them and create them in photoshop, now there is such an opportunity to do it with the help of neural network and I every day for a month now I spend my points on the fact that I create such islands, and I'll tell you it's very exciting and interesting, I made them fire and ice and gothic and with different stone statues of giants and many other things, I already have a huge library of this stuff, hehehe, and I will continue, in any case it can also in the future become a great reference to my drawings.

That's the story friends, thanks for your attention, I hope you found your zen by listening to my track, hugs and see you later!

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Awesome title and very ambient music! Definitely a chill vibe to make art or relax to! Thanks browski

Hey, bro! Thanks a lot for your comment, glad to try to learn new music genres, hehe, I'm sitting chillin on zen. πŸ™πŸ˜Œ


Hehe πŸ˜„ Yep! Thanks a lot! πŸ’œ

Very relaxing, to listen to in such a quiet environment

Thanks a lot!