Paul Infrasonic - Vintage Vibe II [Soul Lo-Fi Jazz Music]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new composition in the Jazz Lo-Fi style, this is vintage music for the soul and relaxation, let's go! ☂️



This is the second composition that I have made recently in the Lo-Fi Jazz genre, creating such music is an unreal pleasure and relaxation, if you take my works that are made in the style of electronic music, they are more difficult to write because you are constantly listening to the track during the creation process, and electronic music doesn’t give me such pleasure when it plays on repeat, but in a style like my work today, it’s just a thrill, I sit and write this music and I don’t get tired of listening to it on repeat in order to work with it, here in first of all - harmony, the musical instruments with which I worked to create this track are soothing with their sound, they lull you to sleep and sometimes you feel that you are about to fall asleep, so you have to pause to make yourself some coffee and continue working. I got the main saxophone sample from the beatmakers’ discord channel, I added a piano part and drums on my own, as well as my signature gentle and deep bass, I also added voice inserts and transition effects here for smoothness and variety, I had a lot ideas, but I didn’t want to overload this composition, it’s quite difficult for me to give up some ideas, but it’s necessary, heh. The attractiveness and elegance of the sound should be subtle, this music of feelings and flight, and it should be balanced in terms of the variety of instruments but without excess in my opinion. The whole charm of this composition is, of course, the saxophone and grand piano. When I write this kind of music, I imagine some time in the 60-70s, vintage cars, Gothic buildings, people in hats with umbrellas and raincoats, and by the way, I wrote the picture that I created for my track in AI Leonardo Diffusion in PROMT, - a girl in a hat and coat in the rain in an ancient city in the rain, and I really liked the result, this is exactly what I imagine when I listen to this kind of music, so this is definitely a bingo for me. This is how my track turned out, I hope it will suit you for relaxation or work, in any case, I wish you a pleasant listening experience!

Thank you in advance for your feedback, I really appreciate it, I hugged everyone, I wish you all a productive, great day and a positive mood, cheers! 🙃

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