Paul Infrasonic - Vintage Vibe III [Soul Lo-Fi House Music]

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Today I want to share with you my new musical work in the genre of Vintage Lo-Fi House. Let's go!



This is the first work in this genre from my vintage music program, before that I shared works with broken rhythm in hip-hop Lo-Fi style, but I decided to try to make a smooth beat with a straight drum, you can even say that this is partly experimental work. And so, all in the same beatmakers discord channel we were given another vintage sound and I started to work, I immediately liked the sound of this petal, again something from old music, something that always attracts me, there is melody and harmony and a beautiful gentle sound, just relaxation for my brain. I did a full drum part here, I put my signature soft bass in the synthesizer again, but the most important and painstaking was the work with percussion, I added a lot of different details like glitches, different instrument sounds and African percussion sounds, it seemed to me that this is really something that harmonizes very cool with the main theme and gives it even more ambience and enlivens the rhythmic pattern. I chose the softest kick I could make, also some of the sound effects that I picked up for a long time played an important role in the end, it turned out to be quite lyrical and soulful sounding. I had a picture in my head, something peaceful, calm and I decided to go and write a suitable PROMT, it turned out from the tenth time, but the result was important to me, and again AI Leonardo Diffusion coped with this task spending only half of my credits on the site, but it was worth it.

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Lately I find more and more useful things on the internet related to AI and not only, the other day I found a new resource for musicians and listeners. It's called Samplette. Its essence is that you can choose what music it could find for you, there is a very wide range of settings, you can choose the year of release of music, and country and tempo and much more and it will give you everything it finds and you can listen to it immediately. What's so great about it? For musicians it's a real treasure, because you can find a lot of vintage music and cut samples from it for work, before I could not even imagine about this and had to search for something suitable but it took a lot of time and sometimes the results only disappointed and discouraged the desire to search for something further, but now it's all done in two clicks and it's incredibly cool, so now vintage samples and songs to look for very easy, and just if I want to listen to something from the old music!

Thanks for your attention, leave your feedback and thoughts, hugs to all and see you all again! 😉

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