Paul Infrasonic - Vintage Vibe IV [Soul Hip-Hop / Instrumental]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new track in the vintage vibe genre, let's keep moving on this wave. Let's go! ✈️



And so this is the fourth track in vintage style that I publish here and it is not less interesting than the previous ones, on the contrary I think that with each new work my tracks in this style grow new petals and acquire new colors. I myself am already very attached to the vintage jam session I started. when I write such music my thoughts are with it, it makes me very happy and inspires me. I also started to create a collection of vintage music samples, the other day I had to spend about 14 hours just to sign them (name, tonality, bpm and so on), but I am glad that I have my own archive, which I will regularly replenish, these gems will certainly not be superfluous and as antiques will only be of great value in the future. And let's move on to the music itself. The first thing I emphasized in my work was the atmosphere and mood. This sound was so liberating and sounded really summery and I decided to take it as a basis for my ideas and develop in this direction. I thought the guitar in this track would be the key melody along with the piano, the melody is quite soulful, I used to skateboard in my youth and similar music was playing in my player (cassette player back then) and I remember well that this music was to my liking when I was skating, you know that old-school stuff. In my track I decided to make an old-school drum part too, I liked the way it blends with the base of the track, I also added quite a lot of different percussion to give more movement to the rhythm, I also bet on my signature bass as usual, a gentle and deep bass, which I think is a win-win for this kind of music, because it is so smooth that it blends with the whole base and harmonizes with it, adding more space to the track, right? πŸ€”


To complete the picture I also added a barely audible duduk, it sounds like a background sound but performs a very important function of a layer, which in turn fills the empty places from the melody and adds movement and some flow to the whole picture, I liked this idea and I realized it. Plus I did a lot of different effects, such as voice inserts, which fit perfectly with this rhythmic pattern and serve more as percussion pieces rather than effects. The interesting thing is that I wrote this track at a time when I had to go to a meeting with someone and I was a little late, but I'll say one interesting thing that I've noticed over the years in my career as a musician, - when you're in a hurry to get somewhere, things go a lot better when you're making music, I mean you have to leave and ideas pop into your head and you want to realize them as soon as possible, I don't know how it works but it's a fact! I had a few episodes in my life when it was, a bit embarrassing of course that I was late telling my phone that I was on my way even though I was still sitting at my computer writing music, I just couldn't get away, it wasn't up to me, what do you call it? Inspiration bursting in at the wrong moment? Heh. πŸ˜€

Okay friends, I say thank you for your attention, I tell you - until we meet again, be in good shape and in a good mood, hugs to everyone, cheers! πŸ–πŸ˜‰

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This one is so chill! Awesome undertones and sweet layers.

Thanks a lot! :)