Paul Infrasonic - Vintage Vibe VI [Soul Instrumental Hip-Hop]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new music composition in the genre of Soul Hip-Hop, this is the sixth installment of my vintage creation, let's go! ☂️



Every time I learn some new things for myself when I work on my marathon of vintage music, every time I catch myself thinking that soulful melodies can cause good feelings and pleasant emotions, sometimes it's just a high from just relaxing to the sounds of a good portion of instrumental hip-hop that creates this vibe. Today I want to acquaint you with another such work, melodic, soulful and quite sad or if it's right to say - nostalgic music. The main melody is plucked instruments, also to accompany the main melody I took my favorite duduk, it sounds very cool, creates this entourage and brings a note of harmony in the overall picture. Also I made the drum part more trapy in style, before that I used a bit softer drums, but this time the track turned out a bit sad, so I decided that trap drums will be very useful here. All in all it turned out to be such a modest track, but it doesn't make it worse than the others, just at one point I thought that I need to diversify the mood of my tracks, because in the future they will be combined together and will be a compilation, and as for me it is necessary that the mood of the compositions also changed from track to track, and probably most likely in the future I will make similar tracks with a sad motive, so that in the future mix I can alternate them. 😉

Thanks for your attention, for your feedback, see you later friends, hugs to all, yo! 🖐

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Very appropriate gif, thanks bro. There's something a bit samurai about it, from the heart!