Paul Infrasonic - Vintage Vibe VIII [Soul Lo-Fi Vintage Music]

in Alien Art Hive • 2 months ago

Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new music composition in the genre of Vintage Soul Hip Hop. Let's go! ☂️



The eighth part of my vintage marathon is a composition that is filled with the atmosphere of the 80's, just imagine that you are sitting in a street cafe, vintage cars are passing by, people in fancy hats and raincoats are walking by, well personally I have such a picture in my mind when I hear this melody, the attractive piano melody as if it takes you back in time and makes you feel this atmosphere. I made as much jazz drums as I could, they are soft and quite scattered in sound, also I made my signature bass without overloads and mud, I really wanted everything to be soft and harmonious in sound, so that the listener could just enjoy the airiness of the piano and the depth of the bass in this harmonious way, also I added small vocal inserts to emphasize the mood of the composition and diversify the composition in some parts of the chronology. I like that I caught this wave of vintage vibe and work on each track mentally transporting myself back to those times, I like that this has become for me already part of the most interesting work in all my time of creating music. Working on each individual element and putting this mosaic together is an amazing and exciting process. In the future, I don't plan to stop and will be increasing my knowledge of writing this genre of music, gaining experience, telling you and sharing what I've learned. A lot of interesting things are ahead of us friends, I think this is just the beginning. 😊

Thanks for your attention, I wish you a productive week, great mood and harmony in your thoughts and ideas, hugs to all, see you again, yo! 🖐😉

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