Prom Queen 24

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The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley

prom queen 24.png

Uh-oh. Looks like there's a new contender for Queen of the Winter Ball. It looks like she just claimed half the votes with one dramatic entrance. See, Mary? You should have gone with the dramatic entrance.

Find out who is crashing the Sky High Ball next panel. But not tomorrow... tomorrow Kickman will have a new page. Not the next day either... Monday I'll have another Splinterlands Art Contest entry.
Come back on Tuesday for more of The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley.

The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley is a webcomic about a reality television show following the lives of seven public domain superheroines that all live together in the same mansion in the elite community of Hive Valley.

You can read the series from the beginning ---> HERE.

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro on my mobile art studio which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:


I wonder the woman they are talking about
I hope to see her in the next episode