Prom Queen 26

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The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley

prom queen 26.png

Golden Girl Vs--! Oh, wait, we haven't actually discovered the identity of the self-proclaimed queen of the Winter Ball.

But, here's your chance to learn more about Golden Girl:

golden girl.JPG

The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley is a webcomic about a reality television show following the lives of seven public domain superheroines that all live together in the same mansion in the elite community of Hive Valley.

You can read the series from the beginning ---> HERE.

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro on my mobile art studio which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:


Blood of a thousand Aztecs? Lovely. Must give her a warm feeling to have that powering her.


Cartoonist found dead in home.
Details are sketchy.

Credit: reddit
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Oh no! This joke strikes a little close to home.

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You tell her golden girl!
It is a popularity contest to be queen
You need to know how to become popular!

But, that ice lady is really hot!
I wonder if she can have a warm heart?
Wait, Miss Victory is the only girl for me.

Surely there is room in your heart for a heroic maiden and an evil queen.

I wonder what is later going to happen between those two
Nice episode!

Whoops, forgot the video link: