Trippy Thursday - Bonsai Sunset on Mars

Here is the last bonsai growing on mars for #trippythursday by @blacklux
Aliens from the Andromeda galaxy finally arrived to a tiny red planet called Mars and discovered the last of the bonsai trees barely alive and growing on a rocky outcrop. They extended a pipe from their ship and gave it a good watering with H4O a more potent form of water.

Suddenly the sun decided to let loose a massive coronal mass ejection. This event blasted the rest of Mars' atmosphere into space causing all the water to evaporate.

The alien ship had to act fast and use their AI to abduct the last of the Mars bonsais. Then they had to travel into the future to transplant it on Earth when it's atmosphere finally became suitable for the bonsai to live on.

The aliens had to secretly beam it onto earth in the private collection of a Bonsai hobbyist. They think it is only 70 years old but these trees are closer to 700,000,000 years old.

The sun has finally calmed down for now but who knows when it will act up again and the aliens will have to time warp and transplant it again on planet x.

Coronal mass ejections are brutal to the atmospheres of all the planets in the solar system. The magnetism of the storms can cause the magnetic poles to shift and open up holes in the atmosphere causing water and air to escape an otherwise peaceful planet.

Radioactive molecules also float around for many centuries after a solar storm. Sometimes these particles make it onto a living planet and cause all sorts of genetic mutations.

This little radioactive particle is actually a good one for modifying DNA. It was the one particle responsible for converting reptiles into warm blooded mammals.

Even though the universe can be destructive it also has balancing elements to keep everything in check. When Mars got demolished by a radiation storm Earth got balanced to make way for greater biodiversity of species and the era of the dinosaurs ended.

Meanwhile the time traveling Andromedans can see the balance of nature as they beam through various timelines at hyper warp speed. It all looks like a fractal from a macro view.

Here is the map of the multiverse that the time traveling Andromedans use. They can pick different timelines and dimensions to travel to in the blink of an eye. It was just a coffee break whim that caused them to save the last bonsai on Mars.

Happy #trippythursday :-)


You need to send this info to Elon Musk! :D

He's busy polluting space with his coal powered battery cars...

You forgot his rockets... They pollute all too... Read people saying all the trash and pollution launching his rockets leave. 😑

The aliens are laughing at the rapid prototyping method.

Manually curated by blacklux (luxdiei) from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Yay! 🤗
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Nice Bonsai sunset on Mars art photography.

Congrats! Great imagination! To the Mars! 😎 😁

Thanks, this one came together fairly quickly other than the render time of 2 hours since I rendered it over 4k resolution.

Hello @sketch.and.jam. I love your story and artwork. Along each stage I could image what was happening with the visual you provided. Nice job.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading the process :-)