Trippy Thursday - Data Gathering Orb

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Here is a data gatherin orb for this #trippythursday by @blacklux
These are deployed around the universe to collect and gather interesting data.

They hang out between dimensions and blink in and out of them instantaneously to gather data downloads. They only appear for a millisecond and don't even register on most sentient being's perception.

The interface of the orb can accept any form of data, from radio waves to wifi to DNA and much much more.

Inside the sphere there is a gyroscope that creates a gravitational pull that isolates any form of information transmitted in the air.

There is also built-in anti-virus AI. Some planets have loads of viruses in the air.

Once an orb fills up its energy it has to warp into multiple layers of dimensions to get back to its creators.

During transit the data is munged into something understandable for the creators of the orb. This data is literally turned into a juice that can be ingested by the alien scientists.

Here is an alien that has taken a drink of data about various psychedelic mushrooms on earth. It is having the craziest trip of its eternal life.

Happy #trippythursday :-)


Those shrooms will protect the creature from covid! :D

Fortunately the AI system in the orb obliterated covid, but the AI wasn't able to read the psilocybin as a threat to the alien lol.

Yay! 🤗
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So beautiful @sketch.and.jam 🥰

Thanks, this one could be turned into some sort of decorative lamp.

Yes, that's a good idea