Trippy Thursday - Eye Chamber

Here is a genetically modified eye chamber for this #trippythursday by @blacklux
This eye chamber requires a tiny sliver of DNA to begin its replication process.

Once it has a small scraping of cells off the surface of an eye it begins creating as many different variations of the same eye as possible to explore all possible incarnations of the DNA sample.

The AI that runs the mechanical chamber organizes the specimens into ball shapes so the alien scientists can view each variations from all sides.

With a bit of radiation they can see how the pupils will react to different planetary atmospheres.

Their goal is to find the perfect eye that can survive all atmospheres on the living planets in their galaxy. It is a real pain to have to do an eye transplant when traveling across the galaxy to visit relatives.

The alien's optic nerves are very complex and one wrong move can cause them to see only in black and white for the rest of their thousand year life spans.

The sun of their main planet is especially dangerous to their pupils as it emits powerful radiation. To beef up their own eyes the aliens decided to pull some DNA from the eyes of a creature known as a human to look for a genetic enhancement.

After all the experimentation they landed on a specific version of an eye that combines their DNA and a hipster from Chicago's DNA. Maybe picking out all the gaudy outfits somehow strengthened the hipster's DNA to radioactivity.

Now they have the perfect eye to market to all the traveling aliens. Who knows what the long term side effects might be though...

Happy #trippythursday :-)


I feel observed! 🤣

Its like when my grandma used to cook eyeball soup. Very scary stuff.

Wait, what?! 🤔

It was some strange Mexican sheep eye soup she made.

I cannot eat something like this.

Lol neither could I or should I say eye lol.

Yay! 🤗
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