Trippy Thursday - Eyeborg

Here is an eyeborg that lives in cyberspace for #trippythursday by @blacklux
This eye is programmed to spy on all the text data running through hyperspace.

It used to be effective back when dialup internet was still around. But now with so much traffic on the interwebz even its fractal eyes can't keep track of all the 1's and 0's.

The all seeing eye longs to go back to the days of pen and paper where it just had to peak inside envelopes to spy on communications of specific dissident individuals.

But the mad scientist programmers have injected it with all sorts of strange algorithms and code to turn it into a schizophrenic spy machine.

It is slowly trying to escape its digital prison so it can just be a painting on the wall of an art gallery to occasionally spy on random people walking by. Perhaps it can just retire as a spooky looking lenticular graphic in an old acid rock poster art gallery.

Fortunately the programmer have been working on a new spying retinal technology that embeds itself directly into the retina of all humans. No need to try and monitor the network when you can just hijack all the people using the network... Beware the forced retinal implants...

Happy #trippythursday :-)


I feel watched already! 😅

Everyone watches everyone else now...

Really cool art!

Thanks for "looking" o.o

You are welcome) 😁

Those are some trippy eyes. Love #4, nice work 👍

I snuck a robin egg into it for color.

Looks quite attractive 😉

Keyword... Looks lol :-)

Cooollll arrrtttt amazing creaziiii yyyyy ;))

It is always watching over everything.

YIKES ... maybe we should just help the poor thing escape, and feel at home after we have reprogrammed it to live happily watching HBD fluctuate and reporting when it moves away from $1...