Trippy Thursday - The Junkyard Dung Beetle

in Alien Art Hive3 years ago (edited)

Here is a dung beetle that has sprung to life for this #trippythursday by @blacklux
When the moon turns red it emits a strange radiation that brings certain metal objects to life.

The glowing radiation from the moon has brought an old VW beetle to life and now it collects materials from a junkyard mimicking the activity of a dung beetle.


The radiation fused various materials together to create the machine lifeform.

The blood moon every 1,000 years emits this special radiation, the only difference this year is there is actually metallic material to work with on Earth compared to past eras where only basic materials were present.

An alien beacon planted trillions of years ago on the north pole of the moon charges up slowly over time to finally emit a huge burst of radiation that charges the atomic particles of metallic elements on the Earth's surface.

The radiation burst only lasts for one night letting all machines and metal objects take on a life of their own.

By morning time when all the humans are starting to wake up the radiation has dissipated and will take another 1,000 years to build back up again. In the mean time everyone's morning commute will be quite difficult as their vehicles have taken on personalities of various insects and lay around in random positions and locations around town. Hopefully this will lead to a new form of transportation if the right minds can reverse engineer the morphed technologies.

Happy #trippythursday :-)


Yay! 🤗
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Wait, a beetle? I thought it was a spidercar! I was even singing 🎤spidercar, spidercar 🎶

It would just need another pair of legs to get into the spider kingdom.

I like beetles and beatles... but i never thought of that one as a dung beetle. Cool idea and very nice execution!

I want to work on the dung heap a bit more. Add some different materials in there and increase the displacement.

It reminded me of a globe or the world. I could see the world as a heap of dung being collected and rolled up. Interested to see how you finish it off. =)

Yeah the blue metal should probably be changed to a rust color.

Pretty cool! I like how you've worked out the story and leave a nice visualization at the end (yes I'm picturing it). 😂

I just wonder what other insects were created from the moon's radiation.

That's a good question. Are you going to make more?

Haha maybe, perhaps a motorcycle shaped like a wasp.

Oh! That would be really cool. What about maybe a centipede...all those legs.

A centipede of mini cars making up the body segments.

Oh yeah, it would! I'll keep an eye out for your next creations 😊

That artwork is really COOL! how long does it take to finished all this?

I patched this one together over around a week here and there from 3d projects I had laying around and fractals I had rendered earlier.

I thought the moon turning to blood meant that the world was ending. Then I woke up today and discovered that my car had transformed into a walking stick and was chilling 20 feet above me in a tree. How can I reverse this spell?

You have to wait until the sun turns blue to counteract it. With a walking stick car you could just crawl over buildings to avoid rush hour.

Okay. I heard the sun is turning blue next week so I guess I'll just sit here in the woods and try to coax my car back down.

Hopefully the blue light won't change organic material into weird looking abominations of machines.

I can't imagine that ever happening. That would just be weird.

It would be pretty scary looking.