4 weeks, 4 people, 4 drawings!

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Hello everyone and welcome back again to my blog!
I've been drawing digital for the past 4weeks, I drew my friends as a start to see how I'm gonna do, and then I think I will open a Fiverr account lol!

I stilll have lots of things to learn and master, so consider these drawings as a start!

This actually is the last one, I just finished it last day. It took me a while because I wanted to try new things!
s4pngAsset 6.png

This one I posted lately and it also needs more work!
4Artboard 1.png

This is my first female character amd my girlfriend, I made her look old 😅

nouhailaAsset 1-100.jpg

And this is me, you know me of course 🙄

IMG_20210512_160925.jpgCopy of Project - Drawing 11632348192773020801.png

So, that was everything for today, to another drawing, peace!