my 2nd attempt to make vector portrait!

in Alien Art Hive2 years ago

Hello you beautiful community, today I've finished my second digital artwork!

2weeks ago I started learning how to make vector portraits using the adobe draw app, the first artwork took me 8days (learning and applying)! And this time... it took me a whole week!! it's just because I wasn't free.

This portrait is for my sweetheart nunu, hope she likes it and hope you like it!!

As always, it all starts with making the outlines, then you start adding some shadows to it so it can get some dimensions!


*You add more bright and dark shades and your picture start getting better!!


Also adding some details as lips color, eye shadow, and the face highlight makes it more realistic!


The final step(which is the first step actually) is to add the base color, the skin tone!