My Genesis NFT on Foundation Sold!

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So I had extreme FOMO about the new platform Foundation, and I finally managed to get an invite, thanks to @rubenalexander ! This is my genesis piece on Foundation and is titled, Romance is an Elaborate Lie.

You can see it on Foundation here:


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Hey your work is really beautiful and major talent, and you are becoming more and more of a legend with time, I have observed Stella. I'm so impressed, well done for supporting NFT artists and for making it to the "big time" lol. I'm just starting out on and hope to follow in your footsteps one day, though my art is not as refined as yours yet.

If I may ask, what re the gas fees like to mint a work on Foundation? I presume gas fees will drop soon with next level Ethereum coming. Perhaps in time you could recommend me so that I can become a member on Foundation too.

Best wishes

I also like to go to Foundation, but it is very difficult to get to invite.
It is nice to see that you made it!!!

The NFT really got to the main stage. I feel lucky to have been follow you long time ago (relatively). Sometimes vision pays off :)

A little late, but I always believed there should be a place for you on every platform. Nftshowroom, foundation, superrare, knownorigin, hell even

Anyone with raw energy like yours will find collectors. I have collected a bit and value this. It allows a collection to be timeless and yet be true to the uniqueness of the moment.

I am glad you got your genesis out and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Awesome art!!!

I really love this one