Painting Of Night King From Game Of Thrones

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Its been a whole long week since I created an artwork and posted here. Believe me, I didn't like that but life sometimes has its way to getting you involved in some many things that you just have to have prioritise. For me right now, its my academics and boy, its been tough. I took a break from all that work last night to create this painting of one of my favourite fictional characters ever, the Night King from the renowned TV series, Game of thrones. I created this artwork because of the many "Winter is here" memes i had been seeing around due to the weather change and also since its been a while I created portraits. This painting was created using the scribble technique on the autodesk sketchbook app and I hope you love it.

The Making of The Art

Thank you for checking it out.


On the other side of the wall, he was king for a time!

Wow! This is beautiful! This artwork just made me to remember Game of thrones. You drew him so well