Dancing Gorilla: Duggy Fresh

Director: Cryptoisdope
Music by: DreamrProductions

Frame 1


Frame 62


Frame 259


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Note to self: Soo I've been thriving after joining the H=N community and steadily attracting more and more collectors. However, Hicetnunc2000 went offline for more than a week, so I decided to mint my gorilla on KO. What I learn was that my social media engagements and my art exposure are quite low on Eth platforms in comparison to Tezos. That piques my curiosity. My assumptions are as follows:

(A) I am growing, but I am only "popular" with artists/collectors on H=N.
(B) Collectors on ETH platforms are no longer interested in art. They are more interested in Avatars.
(C) Simply, I have more friends and collectors who preferred Tezos>Ethereum
(E) Poor gorilla wasn't as impressive as I thought

Off topic, but I wonder if I should start visualizing the community as being divided into various factions? I'm planning to expand as much as I can, but it would help me a lot if I understand my audience a bit more.


Social Media: https://linktr.ee/cryptoisdope


Dancing Gorilla is really cool

thank you!