Destination - KnownOrigin Art and Animated Scene Breakdown

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Description: Have you ever sat down, listened to music, and thought "What if time was a never ending loop?"

Inspiration: Long story short, I had an out of body experience and felt as if I was stuck in time for the past 48 hours. It made me ponder at my very existence and the concept of retro-causality (the future influencing the past). After I came back down to earth and our current reality, I tuned into a lofi radio station and immediately got to work :)


Quick Breakdown: First I create a UV Sphere, split it in half, and separate them as individual objects. Then, I picked one side of the sphere and extend the outer edges to create my road. I also separated it as a separate object. image.png

After creating materials for the objects, I added my grass using Blender's particle system.


Of course, I did the same thing for the trees and filled the other side of the sphere with flowers! I decided to pick three different types of trees and render it as a collection. Because I'm lazy, the background and the lighting all relies on the HDRI. However, I should've added some lamps, but I totally forgot.


As for the animation, all you need to do is parent everything to the road. Then, you need to animate the rotation to create a perfect loop.


As for the car itself, I animated the shape key (so that it goes up and down) and applied a noise modifier to the graph editor. You might have to play around with the settings to get what you want.


That's basically it.


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