Retro DnB + Funk / Original song / THE DONUT SHOP

in Alien Art Hive22 days ago


OK check this out. I was listening some retro disco with the likes of the Bee Gees and thought to myself in the moment "Maybe I should try to record something like this"...
Here's what happened:


I got the text to meet you at the donut shop
You expect me to be there around 4 am
I don't think I'm gonna show up
I would need to set my alarm
For even earlier than that
I don't think I'm gonna show up
I'll stay in bed instead, No Boston cream
No strawberry jelly glazed and no numbing trills
I don't think I'm gonna show up
Theres a bunch of weirdos that like to hang out there
They look like they're on drugs, I beg you please beware
I don't think I'm gonna show up


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