STUDIO UPDATE 101 - November is here, and so are.... insanity, and the cattle markers that I ordered 😄

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Winter has finally arrived. It went from 75 degrees to 34 in one day. I don't mind this kind of season-change. It's better than the world taking 3 months to change from season to season. might as well just flip the switch lol.

As for what is happening in the studio.


I had a little disaster happen and was removed from a show I was supposed to be in because I spaced out and forgot which day was installation day. My life was pretty much a living nightmare for the 3 days after that. I couldn't believe i messed up that bad. It felt like some voodoo shit. but, it made me really get real with myself and go Ham in the studio. I built some big canvases and I am going to let loose on them.

I wont be using masking tape for these, at least for right now. They are functioning as vortex's, where you get kind of sucked into the middle. I don't know if this is desired, but it is what is happening right now.


This one kind of excited me. so I tried to make another one like it.


obviously these painterly works are much better viewed in person. My graphic-esque hard edge paintings photograph better and make their way through cyberspace a little better probably. These probably remind most people of 50's abstract expressionism. i love that era of painting though. its what made me want to be a painter.


Im going to do the same kind of procedure on these large ones. I made sure to lay down a bunch of yellow first, since that is a much harder color to add in the end.

SIDE EVENT: i missed my art installation because i have been working at this warehouse stacking pallets. I joke that some day I will get one of these cast in bronze.


its visually cool-looking. by brain automatically goes to sculpture when im making these. that being said, no amount of these piles of food products are worth missing an art installation and destroying my art career for.


So i bought cattle markers. usual oil paint sticks from blick cost about $20 a piece but these literally cost 90¢! They are oil based paint sticks used for marking livestock and they work quite well at quickly getting the marks down. the pigment is obviously not as good as artist-made oil bars. but i will be having some fun with these i think.



some smaller works... the first one might be done but the second one is not done i do not think but its hard for me to figure out how to attack it next.



a circle is in the mix.


and here is the last one for this post, which i think i might have finished last night. lot of white but it might work.





i dont know. maybe none of these are good. im not sure about anything anymore.
wish me luck.

these painting just become too much of a mess. the yellow ones are the best because they eye can rest and absorb the color. these ones are too busy. i will have to wait for the oil to dry and then maybe revert back to a masking technique or something to distill what it is the essence of these paintings are.

any comments or questions about my work below will get a full 10 cent upvote because i bought some hive from the dip!
SIDE NOTE: Quest for stoken update coming VERY soon to alien art hive.
@knowhow92 will be filming a gameplay video of the beta version which is online right now accessible with a private link. its looking good and i cant wait to share it with you all.t


Good is relative! So, fun for sure! hahaha

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